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Festomane, Stroud

Festomane, Stroud | 13.11.2013

Truturn Precision Engineering (Charfield) Ltd – have supported this year’s Festomane, Stroud Festival of Engineering & Manufacturing.  We hope we have encouraged some pupils from our local schools and colleges to choose a career in engineering. 


Festomane, Stroud

Festomane, Stroud

Over the past 10 years there has been a decline in skilled engineers.  As the older generation are retiring it is becoming harder to recruit into this sector, as apprenticeships have been on the decline.


This year’s focus of the show is getting the younger generation to consider a career in engineering.  It is both interesting and rewarding, and the broad spectrum of exhibitors in this field demonstrated this.


Working in partnership with Stroud College we participate in and encourage apprenticeships.





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